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Renegade ClassicsRenegade Classics was launched in 1990 in Fresno, California. The idea was to create a store that catered exclusively to the Harley, Cruiser and V-Twin Biker market, offering high quality goods at reasonable prices. Word spread of their great prices on 'Biker' essentials and the high quality clothing they designed and manufactured. Their reputation grew further by their presence at many runs and events in Northern California and their own store parties and events.

Renegade Classics now has dozens of stores Nation-wide, including three outlets in Sturgis SD, which open annually for the August rally. All the stores are locally owned and operated and strive to meet the needs and tastes of their local "biker" communities.

The Renegade Classic Motorcycle Clothing Company now designs and manufactures over 100 different styles of clothing for men and women in Fresno, California. Using the best raw T-shirts, women's tops, sweats, thermals and screening gear on the planet, their reputation for quality products has grown. Clothing from Renegade Classics can be seen on the backs of 'bikers" all over the United States from East Coast to West Coast including the latest addition in the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex. What do we add to the North Texas mix of motorcycle dealers and stores? Due to our buying power that comes with being affiliated with dozens of other stores plus three in Sturgis, We can sell at lower prices and find and test new and unique products sooner. And because we don't choose to cater to the Dirt Bike and ATV Crowd, we have more space for products bikers want and provide many items you can't find at other shops. Renegade Classics is not some "cookie cutter" corporate franchise, so we can take our store where you want it to go. Your suggestions and feedback will always be recorded and appreciated.

Our goal is to be your outlet for all the clothing and accessories you need to enjoy your "biker lifestyle" at down to earth prices.

Renegade Classics Dallas Fort Worth

"Finance Your Ride... Not Your Gear”

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